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Microneedling - $305

Collagen induction therapy with hyaluronic acid and growth factor

Generates new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin

European Jet Peel - $225

Hydro Oxygenating treatment, a soothing & stimulating with your choice of hyaluronic acid, brightening complex, vitamin C or Vitamin B infusion

Jet Peel Rejuvenation - $255

Hyperpigmentation, sun & age spots. Whitening & brightening infusion

Acne Jet Peel - $255

       Removal of acne, comedones & acne scars w/ acnacidol, mandelic acid,          and acne solution spray

Signature Jet Peel - $400

ATX-NAT Anti-Aging, an alternative to Botulium Toxin A (BOTOX) injection

Eyes Only Jet Peel - $130

Treatment to lift and tighten the eye area

Neck & Décolletté Jet Peel - $205

Treatment for neck & décolleté anti-aging & brightens the skin

Jet Peel Hair Restoration - $255

Hair loss, hair glow, and brilliance treatment

(recommended weekly or biweekly for optimal results)

Add-Ons with any Procedure:

Variety Hydrojelly Masks-$25; Cold Modeling Mask-$25;

Eye Mask-$25; Peels-$60; Sheet Mask-$25; LED-$40;

Paraffin Mask for Hands-$20; Ampules/Serum-$20

Spa Setting

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    93 Concord Ave, Unit 2, Belmont, MA 02478

Phone Number: 617 489 4000

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