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We want to inform our customers regarding the precautions we are putting into place to prevent the spread of this virus. Valentina Day Spa utilizes sterilization protocols with every client.

- Any device that is in touch with the skin is either a single-use disposable, or it is sanitized in an autoclave.

- Our staff will wear masks and/or keep 6 feet distance, when possible.

- Facility is cleaned regularly with antibacterial products, including 70%+ alcohol, recommended by CDC.

- Treatment beds are covered with disposable paper and cleaned/disinfected after every use.

- All hand pieces and instruments are sterilized after each client.

- We have placed additional hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the spa for both staff and clients.

- Staff members clean phones and computer keypads with antibacterial wipes before and after each use.

- Staff will wipe down bathroom surfaces (doorknobs, toilet handles, sink areas, light switches, etc., reception-area countertops, point-of-sale equipment, and chairs (arm rests.)


We have always been extremely proud of keeping our spa very clean, and will take extra precautions to make our clients feel more safe and comfortable..

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    93 Concord Ave, Unit 2, Belmont, MA 02478

Phone Number: 617 489 4000

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